Artists at Work

Now that the summer's first residents have arrived, settled in, and eaten plenty of pasta, the studio is buzzing with artistic activity. Here are some shots of the Artists in Residence and Resident Studio Technicians hard at work!

Devin, Andrea and Aubrey have been doing quite a bit with cyanotypes.

Aubrey has been sketching both from inside and outside the studio.

Michael set up his canvases and has been painting.

He's planning to start working in film in the following days (having recently found an old projector in Cefalu).

Mariah set up shop on the second floor of Palazzo Mugavaro, where she can occasionally be seen taking a break on the terrace.

The sawhorse tables are always covered with notebooks, paper, and a plethora of art supplies. Things are exactly as they should be. Stay tuned for a little about the artists at play!