Summer 2016: Open for Business!

Finalemente! It’s both a relief and a thrill to be able to say that our 2016 Artists in Residence program has officially begun.

The studios are equipped, the print shop open for business, and our first resident of the summer, Devin, arrived from Rome on June 19th and immediately began working. Only a few days after arriving he salvaged some old wood (previously Sicilian funeral props for flower wreaths) from the countryside and fashioned a viewfinder easel, bringing another piece of Tusa into the space.

Our second and third residents, Michael and Mariah, made the trek from Turkey and settled into Casa Mugavero just a few days later, bringing canvas, stretchers, and stories from their travels to share.

The studios are starting to feel lived in and used, as paper is tacked up, canvas hung, and chemicals poured. People take turns filling the space with music, and just this week the first prints were processed.


For more information on the work being made the summer, head over to the Artists Residents tab for bios and blurbs - and stay tuned here for more stories from Tusa and Officina Stamperia del Notaio!