To Apply

To apply, please send an email that includes: a CV, artist's statement, a link to examples of your work, a statement of intent/project proposal that touches on what your work will consist of during the residency, any specific accommodations or materials you will need, and your preferred time frame. Partners, collaborators and children are welcome for an additional fee.

Costs per person:

First week: 250 euro per person; each subsequent week: 200 euro per person.

For artists wishing to utilize the printmaking facilities, we ask an additional small materials fee to help maintain and replenish consumables.

Art supplies are hard to come by in this area so it is recommended that you bring certain things with you and in other cases, be prepared to work with the materials at hand. if we know ahead of time what you need, we can help you order other supplies online from art supply stores in Italy to be shipped down to Tusa so it will be there when you arrive. 

Applications and inquiries should be sent to:


Serena Perrone: or

Largo Notarili 7

Tusa, (ME) 98079