Spoken Word and Storytelling: Santa Franco's "Donne di Tusa"

On August 12, 2015 Tusa Nero su Bianco hosted a night of storytelling, Donne di Tusa: Storie al Femminile tra Realta' e Narratione, in which Santa Franco recounted the oral histories of the women of Tusa stemming from collected stories and texts of her own and those by Alfonsina Bellomo and Daniela Tasca. Through spoken word and narration, with musical interludes by a group of local musicians, a series of stories were told that illuminated the often overlooked and forgotten stories of the lives of anonymous women. Stories both tragic and joyful, these stories, presented by the enthralling Santa Franco - who, like a medium gave voice to these departed souls, painted a raw and intimate picture of the human condition from the female perspective.