Book Presentation: Enrico Deaglio

On July 26, 2015 we hosted Enrico Deaglio, who presented his recent book, Storia vera e terribile tra Sicilia e America, published by Sellerio Editore Palermo in 2015, in which he recounts and investigates the cultural atmosphere and political climate from which emerged the true and controversial story of Sicilian immigrants from Cefalu’ who were lynched in Tallulah, Louisiana in 1899.

Enrico Deaglio is an Italian Journalist. Born in Turin in 1947, he began a career by writing for the Italian communist newspaper Lotta continua in the 1970s, later becoming the director. He has also written for other notable sources including Epoca, Panorama, La Stampa, Il Manifesto, and L’Unita’, and later served as the director of Reporter.

He went on to work in television journalism where he hosted several shows focusing on current events, foreign affairs, and the Sicilian mafia.